[OS X TeX] Re: Bug in TeXShop 1.34?

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Fri Mar 26 18:18:48 EST 2004


To answer Bob Kerstetter, TeXShop does not use resource forks.

Aditya Dushyant Trivedi's bug is interesting. He had a project with a
root document "book1.tex" and various chapters which referenced that
document via the line %SourceDoc book1.tex.

After he transferred the document to a PC and back to a Mac, the
root document became "BOOK1.TEX".  Thereafter, each time a new chapter
opened, TeXShop looked to see if "book1.tex"
was already open. It wasn't; "BOOK1.TEX" was there, but no

I'll try to fix this in version 1.35, which will appear soon.


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