[OS X TeX] Maintenance of several TeX installations

Thomas A.Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Sun Mar 28 06:30:14 EST 2004

I have TeX installations on three Macs (office, home, laptop). Though 
Gerben's i-installer is the most wonderful tool that could be invented 
(kudos to Gerben!!), I still find it hard to remember to keep all these 
TeX branches in sync -- which package did I update last weekend at 
home, which one in the office? So my question is: would it make sense 
to have one computer as the main TeX branch and update all the other 
texmf-directories from that one via rsync or psync (or just plain copy 
them over and overwrite the outdated directories)? Or are there any 
detrimental side-effects that I fail to see?
Thanks, all best


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