[OS X TeX] is i-Installer cool?

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Mon May 3 19:26:57 EDT 2004

Hi Alain

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we've all be in a similar situation 
to you. Have you had a look at lshort.pdf? Otherwise known as "The (not 
so) short introduction to LaTeX", I found it a great resource when I 
was learning. (Search on google for "lshort.pdf" and you'll get the 
latest version.)

> After that, it wasn't smooth sailing either. For instance, I need to 
> translate some 2,000 pages from MS Word (rtf). So I installed 
> rtf2latex2e and, since I couldn't even find it, lost several days. I 
> took Adam maxwell on this board to explain to me why. Granted, I am 
> not even a novice. But this brings my to my point.

Boy, talk about a steep learning curve! I'm not surprised you've felt 
overwhelmed by all this.

> *With all gratitude and thanks to TeXshop and i-Installer, and I truly 
> mean it, even this combination, as good as it is, is stil not the TeX 
> "for the rest of us". *
> We, the install-idiots, need a lot more than the two panels in 
> TeXshop, LaTeX panel and Matrix panel. Here is my laundry list /at 
> this very early time/ in my learning of TeX.
>    A panel for making /tables/, one that looks like the MS Word.

I agree with this. Playing around with the TeXShop source is on my list 
of projects, but I probably won't get around to it for a while.

>    Rewrite rtf2LaTeX so that it can be plugged in into TeXshop
>    Probably the same for LaTeX2rtf.

This could be tied in a la Clause's scripts for tex4ht.

>    A panel to import and place /graphics/.

Again, I like this idea. To be honest, you received some slightly 
misleading information when we didn't steer you towards 
\usepackage{graphicx.sty} straight away.


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