texmacs (was Re: [OS X TeX] TeX is not for the faint of heart)

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Tue May 4 10:31:17 EDT 2004

I will.


William F. Adams wrote:

> On Tuesday, May 4, 2004, at 09:27  AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> As for TeXmacs, I haven't looked it up because of what Samuel 
>> Lelièvre wrote:
>>    TeXmacs is inspired by TeX, but does not use TeX as an engine.
>> which I don't understand. I mean what's the point? :-)
> It affords one a true WYSIWYG TeX environment in which one is able to 
> directly type into the formatted page.
> It's kind of slow (but this may be better now, esp. w/ Panther's X 
> client) and completely free, so if one is interested, one should try it.
> http://www.texmacs.org/index.php3
> William

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