[OS X TeX] TeXShop slowdown with multiple files

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Tue May 4 11:58:36 EDT 2004

I have been helping a friend (who runs Textures in Mac OS 9) 
converting a bunch of LaTeX files to html. I had her send me her 
files to process in my TiBook running Panther.

To make things faster, I have a few shell scripts to put files in 
appropriately named folders, add .tex extension to file names etc., 
but I still have to edit two lines in each file.
I tried awk, but since the files have mac-style line endings it was 
not working very well. So
  my scripts had a line to open a file in TeXShop, so that I could 
edit these two lines
    open -a TeXShop $i.tex
This works, but I found that as the number of open files in TeXShop 
increases, there is a very big delay in the program just to switch 
from one window to another. This is very definitely related to the 
number of open files. With about 16 files open, I got a spinning 
beach ball for about 11 seconds between closing a file and having 
access to one beneath it. As the number of files diminishes, so does 
the delay.
I turned off syntax coloring, parens matching and auto-completion, 
but it apparently made no difference.

Is this to be expected somehow? I don't thinks this is reasonable... 
for comparison, I tried the same with SubEthaEdit (which has LaTeX 
syntax coloring) and there was *no* delay.

Why would this happen? (I understand that TeXShop must have some 
housekeeping to do, but this seems way too much; and the files were 
each quite small - about a page of output each).

Luis Sequeira
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