[OS X TeX] TeX is not for the faint of heart

Curtis Clifton curt.clifton at mac.com
Wed May 5 22:41:39 EDT 2004

On May 5, 2004, at 9:21 PM, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> At no point did I doubt that there was but when /I /click on 
> http://www.rna.nl/tex.html, I get a page entitled TeX TeX on MacOS X 
> TeX.
> It starts
>    This is the R&A page on installing and running TeX on Mac OS X. It
>    contains links to the current distribution and information that I
>    think is useful for TeX users on Mac OS X. Other sources for TeX on
>    Mac OS X info:
> Very soon after that there is an example of TeX typesetting followed 
> by "The above may seem complicated."
> But I don't see anything red or green.
> I have no idea why this should be so.

The Refresh button is your friend.  Safari, or your web browser of 
choice, is likely caching an old copy of the page.  Gerben's friendly 
"Don't Panic" was added more recently than your browser is clearing its 

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