[OS X TeX] New i-Installer, cool!

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalaciosp at eml.cc
Thu May 6 00:23:49 EDT 2004

	Hey Gerben! I just installed the latest i-Installer (v2.65.1) and 
explored the new "Known Packages i-Directory". In short, I think it 
looks great, it definitely presents a friendlier entrance to TeX 
newbies, kudos! Surely many will tell you that they need more 
information about each package, as what we get when we hit the "Show 
i-Package Info" button might not be enough (it seems to simply display 
the i-Package's ReadMe.rtf file), but as what for me respects I'm fine 
with it (sorry for being so egocentric :-). One thing I did want to 
comment about is the lack of resizing buttons between the different 
fields of the new i-Directory window, I think they could come in handy! 
You know the ones I'm referring to? the ones that turn the cursor into 
a gloved hand and resizes the fields as you move it up or down, left or 
right; they would make the new i-Directory even better!

	Other than that, i-Installer is just getting better and better. Kudos!


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