[OS X TeX] TexShop w/ minimal LaTeX installation for dummies?

Stephan Hochhaus stephan at yauh.de
Thu May 6 09:20:05 EDT 2004

Hallo Ralph, hello list,

Am 06.05.2004 um 13:31 schrieb Ralph Pöllath:

> Would it be possible to produce a version of TexShop containing a 
> minimal LaTeX installation in its application bundle?
As much as I like the idea I have a feeling this is a dangerous 
endeavour. Since LaTeX is very complex and has lots of packages that 
one could need in order to process a document properly you'd either 
have to ensure that all needed (well, what are these anyway?) packages 
be included in a Tex(Fat)Shop or that your average first-time user 
doesn't need the packages for sure.
So what would have to be included? KOMA class or memoir? Only the mere 
I really like the idea, but I fear that new users could easily be 
"turned off" by the fact that they cannot do one thing or another since 
there's a package missing. And I think installing packages is one of 
the most complicated things for newbies (hey, great idea, couldn't 
anyone who knows about programming come up with a CTAN-i-Installer that 
gives you a list of your installed packages and the available packages 
and automatically install them for you in the right place?).

> That would make it extremely easy for first-time LaTeX users (coming 
> from MS Word, e.g.) to get an impression of what LaTeX feels like. Of 
> course, this would be suited for exploration only - those who would 
> like to continue using LaTeX shoud use i-Installer to install the real 
> thing (think Knoppix).
What do you think, how big could this thing be so that users still feel 
they want to try it? I guess a 50+ meg download to try something out is 
rather little motivation...

just my .02 cents.


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