[OS X TeX] Various TeX programs on Mac

Jérôme Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Fri May 7 07:06:03 EDT 2004

Le 7 mai 04, à 12:21, m a écrit :

> Am 07.05.2004 um 10:09 schrieb Jérôme Laurens:
>> 2 - write a new app, with the minimal user interface, something like 
>> TextEdit + a View menu à la preview.app, a TeX menu, pdf windows, 
>> terminal windows.
>> In the TeX menu, there should only be
>> - a typeset menu item
>> - items for standard examples (using the included poor man 
>> distribution only), for sectionning, fonts, maths, graphics, all in 
>> different read only tex files.
>> - some templates
>> Maybe one button in the text editor window to typeset...
> Quick hack:
> <http://www.das-dock.de/TeXinOne.jpg>
> Really, *quick*, haven't given the interface -- especially buttons and 
> such -- much thought (I'm too busy getting another app out).
> But what confused ME a lot when I started with TeXShop were all those 
> different windows and the fact that all I saw first was en *empty* 
> document.

So no empty doc in the application delegate

> I didn't know what would happen when I hit "Typeset", didn't know that 
> another window would pop up with the finished pdf, where the pdf went 
> when I closed the editor, what all these files were that were put next 
> to my document, and so on.

display a (one shot) panel explaining briefly what will occur.

> By integrating typesetting and preview in one window and optionally 
> hiding the console, one can actually see how things are 
> interconnected. It's much closer to an actual typesetting job.

if you only edit one file after the other, this problem does not occur.
There is also the trick of the windows menu: order it a la xcode to 
gather related windows

> This *may* go a bit against the "one document needs one 
> window"-guideline, but let's face it: Beginners most certainly don't 
> fully understand the fact that input and output are seperated *that 
> much*. Especially when one gives examples a la "it's like HTML", since 
> HTML is one file, and one file only -- it only gets interpreted 
> differently depending on the app you're in (editor, viewer).

1 - we need not follow this guideline if necessary
2 - We can consider the source and the pdf as 2 views of the same 
3 - The main problem is that merging the two views in one window is not 
good for small screen

> This concept would work pretty well with the idea of packaged 
> tex-docs, and would also work *very* well with the ideas of "click on 
> the pdf and jump to that place in the source". And if the pdf-view is 
> set up "intelligent" enough to, for example, also allow for page-jumps 
> depending on which line I'm in in the editor,

this is not difficult (iTeXMac does this, it is TeXtures "follow focus")

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