[OS X TeX] half the size - double dpi...

Ralph Pöllath lists at poellath.org
Sat May 8 11:49:00 EDT 2004


On 08.05.2004, at 15:18, Mihalis Tsoukalos wrote:
> I got a screen dump (using Option-Shift-4 and space) that I want to 
> use in LaTeX. The screen dump is big and low-quality (72 dpi).
> I want to make it half the size and double its quality (144 dpi).
> Is there a way to do this outside LaTeX?

As Piet said, you won't be able to improve your screenshot's quality, 
but of course you can change its resolution. One way to do this would 
be ImageMagick (http://www.imagemagick.org ), a set of open source 
command line tools for image manipulation.

If you use fink, you can install the non-X-Windows version (no GUI, 
AFAIK) with
$ fink install imagemagick-nox


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