[OS X TeX] half the size - double dpi...

Mihalis Tsoukalos ekefe at freemail.gr
Sat May 8 14:24:24 EDT 2004

On May 8, 2004, at 18:28, Piet van Oostrum wrote:

>>>>>> Mihalis Tsoukalos <ekefe at freemail.gr> (MT) wrote:
> MT> Dear List.
> MT> I have the following question:
> MT> I got a screen dump (using Option-Shift-4 and space) that I want 
> to use in
> MT> LaTeX. The screen dump is big and low-quality (72 dpi).
> MT> I want to make it half the size and double its quality (144 dpi).
> MT> Is there a way to do this outside LaTeX?
> 72dpi is the screen resolution. At least virtually (i.e. you get one 
> pixel
> in the screen dump for each pixel on your screen. Transforming your
> picture to 144dpi will not give you more information because there 
> isn't.

First of all, thanks for answering.

I know that 72dpi is the screen resolution which is adequate for 
viewing but not enough for printing a graphics image...
I don't know if TeX improves the resolution when you downscale an image 
(as I did) because the image was too large.

So what I want is a way to downscale an image while improving 
resolution *outside* TeX. I want pdf output.

What do you people include screenshots in LaTeX?

many thanks in advance,

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