[OS X TeX] ghostscript, viewer - consolidation?

Peter Paul Sint sint at oeaw.ac.at
Mon May 10 16:54:52 EDT 2004

This is only marginally a TeX question, but I use ghostscript/viewer mainly in this context and ran up to it during a recent tex update and the need to use eps.

Fink: ghostscript 8.00-3   ghostscript-fonts 6.0-3
  (Fink would have a ghostview for X11 - not installed)
  system-tetex  (points to the system tetex in the Apple distribution
                  I suppose it points also to the tetex update by GW)

   <Fink has also a virtual teTeX: is this similar to system-tetex?>

In my local Application folder I have
MacGhostView Folder (2.8 with an 11MB Ghostscript) probably for MacOS9 (which I still use occasionally (seldomly) with an old Mathematica version)
MacGhostViewX_Folder (1.5.3 in it I find a macgs-800-shlib 9.6MB and gs705lib 1.8MB)

I have not installed ghostscript from the GWierda distribution. but I think I could replace the Fink version by i-installer-GW-ghostscript (+system-ghostscrip 7.05-3).

Could MacGhostviewX (or a more recent version) use this GW-version (or the other way round)?
Or: Is Texshop able to show ps/eps using the i-installer version of ghostscript?
After all: one version of ghostscript should be enough.

(I think I have seen a guide how to use the fink version from (gw)tetex but I doubt I ever tried it)

Peter Sint
sint at oeaw.ac.at
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