[OS X TeX] \verb in BibTex and a couple other issues...

Lisa Schweitzer lschwei at ucla.edu
Mon May 10 21:14:35 EDT 2004

First off, thanks to everybody for the interesting discussion about LaTex 
and Tex mastery (eg Is I-installer cool?). I followed it but did not have 
anything intelligent to contribute.

Also, many thanks to those of you who helped me out with the problem with 
URLs in my reference list. I wound up using the jurabib package, because I 
really liked the format of the references that it offered, and the 
footnoting style gets my head out of myriad overfull hbox problems.

My new question is this:

I have several agency authors that I need to list in BibTex entries and 
there are many acronyms that I have to include in titles.  For example,  I 
need to be able to do:

Southern California Association of Governments. 2003. State of the Region. 
Los Angeles, CA: Southern California Association of Governments.


Authorman, Bob. 2003. Risk assessment using TRI data. Risk Assessment 
Journal, 19:43-190.

Or somesuch. Bibtex wants to do  "Governments, Southern Calfornia 
Association of"--no good--and "Risk assessment using tri data"  which is 
better than the former but still not good.

I thought I could get around this using \verb or \verbatim, but no go. 
BibTex just omits the entry an tells me the code is undefined.

Any ideas would be really helpful.

All best,


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