[OS X TeX] Major path puzzlement

stephenmoye at cox.net stephenmoye at cox.net
Tue May 11 09:08:32 EDT 2004

I have now attempted to install TeX on two machines with i-Installer, using, 
so far as I am aware, a completely vanilla install. In both cases, even after 
'sudo texhash', kpsewhich is unable to locate texnansx.enc -- even though I 
can do a 'Find..." and they show up where they ought to be, though the file, 
as is usr/..., is invisible.

I finally sorted out how to elect for which user to install TeX, and that did not 
seem to make a difference. I also thought it might be a permissions problem, 
but that also turned out not to be the case. ;>( 

Do I need to edit texmf.cnf?

What on earth am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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