[OS X TeX] Stata Estimates to LaTeX tables

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Tue May 11 23:13:07 EDT 2004

Fredrik Wallenberg wrote:

> You can certainly make it much much easier by using outreg to get the 
> output into Excel and then use the excel2latex excel macro to produce 
> the LaTeX code (it isn't perfect but it gives you a good start).
> Fredrik 

Something strange, though: When I paste into TeXshop and then want to 
Typeset, the console tells me that

    Textline contains an invalid character. ^^@, (in fact a whole line

but other than in the console, there does not appear to be such a line. 
What am I doing wrong?

However, this is only a very minor nuisance because Go To Error selects 
the apparently empty line right after \end{tabular} and all I have to do 
is to hit Delete and it works. Even with that, this is going to make my 
life a lot easier than using rtf2latex2e.

Thanks very much.


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