Re: [OS X TeX] how to get the ï character ?

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at
Thu May 13 15:25:05 EDT 2004

On 13 mei 2004, at 20:30, Justin Walker wrote:

> On May 13, 2004, at 10:59, Matthias Damm wrote:
>> Am 13.05.2004 um 04:40 schrieb Justin Walker:
>>> I dunno how portable that is.  What happens when you take the .tex 
>>> file
>>> to, oh, say, a Windoze box and try to 'latex' it (however one does
>>> that)?
>> As long as you use a Latin encoding this should not make any problems 
>> (as long as the editor on the other system is able to open a file in 
>> the encoding you are using, but Latin1 will be available everywhere).
> Right.  What happens if you just drag the .tex file to another system 
> and run 'latex' on it?

Just what you expect: the latex file contains a line 
This line tells latex to laod a file that describes the funky high-byte 
characters in terms of the old font commands, it maps ï to \"{\i}. Even 
though the editor (the computer program) on the other system may not 
understand the file, latex will. Of course, when sharing the source, it 
is nice it the source itself is readable in the editor (otherwise just 
send the pdf). For the latter: MacRoman is not good, latin1 is probably 
best, even though it is not the same as Windows latin 1 (but for the 
common characters, it is close enough).

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