[OS X TeX] Good price for books on TeX & foreign orders

Rene Borgella Jr. rene at macosx.com
Mon May 17 09:24:38 EDT 2004

At 12:13 AM +1000 5/17/04, Ross Moore wrote:
>Here's another link for the Mac-TeX site:
>    http://tug.org/books/
>If you jump from there to the Addison-Wesley/Pearson site,
>and order a book about TeX --- many good ones are there,
>including Kopka & Daly, and the updated LaTeX Companion ---
>then you'll get a 30% discount!
>Furthermore, the TeX User's Group (TUG) gets a decent
>percentage of the purchase price. This will go towards
>support of TeX and TeX Development projects, so you win
>twice over.

Then someone else pointed out that with shipping 
to countries outside the US, the price is way too 

I've a proposal:

Would it be possible for us to order books here 
in the US for our foreign friends and then ship 
them in bulk to them?  What I'm thinking is that 
perhaps we can do something like an ordering 
system we could have whereby folks outside the US 
put in their "pre-orders", then when enough 
orders for a particular country come in we can 
ship them to one recipient in the receiving 
country and that person can then send them to 
others within their country.

I really don't know the costs and how much would 
be saved, but I'm supposing that there is some 
magic number of books that would make it cost 
effective.  If folks could send me a list of 
their home countries, I'd volunteer to look into 
shipping costs to each country and then we'll 
know if it's worth it, etc.

Please consider this and adjust, suggest, etc. to 
see if we can make this happen.  I think it 
sounds more complex than it may actually be. 


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