[OS X TeX] Gems from Japan: RPN2TeX and AutoTeX

Eric M. Austin ema at clemson.edu
Mon May 17 15:21:02 EDT 2004

>I see that your English is infinititely better than my Japanese which is
>absolute zero. Of course my German has become a ghost, my French isn't
>too bad and my Italien almost fair but I like your English a lot.
>I agree with Michael Hope as I have no idea what "modifying Path setting
>in a Preference window" means. This is not part of my universe.
>Even what Ramon M. Figueroa-Centeno wrote:
>     "/usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin6.8/".
>makes zero sense to me. Could please someone take me by the hand, very
>gently, and tell me what to do? Please!

I just looked my TeXShop Preferences and copied my path for pdfTeX:


to both the latex and dvips paths requested by RPN2TeX.  This seems to work.

>Long live TeX.

and RPN!!!

At 9:34 PM -0400 5/16/04, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>I too was won over by RPN within 10 minutes of using it on the frst 
>programable HP  (I think it was the 65, so called because it cost 
>$650. Comm Coll of Phila, where I still teach, bought 6 of them!)

I'm pretty sure it was $800!   I remember the 35's being $400 until 
the 45's came out, and then it was HP35: $300,  HP45: $400, and HP65 
: $800.   I have a semi-working HP65 a neighbor gave to me.  What a 

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