[OS X TeX] Gems from Japan: RPN2TeX and AutoTeX

MAEDA Wataru wataru at e-mail.ne.jp
Tue May 18 21:51:48 EDT 2004

On 2004/05/19, at 2:13 AM, Michael Hoppe wrote:

> Thank you very much for your response.
>>  I don't know well about this problem.
> So do I.  I've followed a hint from discussions.apple.com to delete 
> the preferences of Preview.app and restart, but that didn't help.

um, Perhaps creating a new user account is a new idea to solve this 
But, it's troublesome.

>>   please try to move them to another directory and drag temp.001.eps 
>> into Preview.app again.
> What about not letting do Preview.app the conversion from ps to pdf 
> but ps2pdf or sth. else more appropriate?

I think using epstopdf is an effective way. I will improve.

>  Or just not use latex but pdflatex instead?  It should be installed 
> on every machine that has latex.

I found using pdflatex in RPN2TeX is little difficult, but it's a 
better way.
Main difficulty is to make an equation-sized PDF. If anyone has a good 
idea, please teach me.

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