[OS X TeX] forward and reserve search with ec-emacs and xdvi from the i_Installer

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Sat May 22 19:42:03 EDT 2004

On 23/05/2004, at 11:33 AM, Peter Cholak wrote:

> 7.  It would be nice to be able to use C-c C-c to start xdvi from
>     emacs. But there is something wrong with this.  Somehow ec-emacs
>     thinks these is a process running and wants to kill it before
>     doing anything, like LaTeX again, to the file.
>     I think it is in way ec-emacs starts xdvi.  I might be wrong about
>     this but I far as I can see there is no different to OS X how xdvi
>     was launched.  So I think the function TeX-run-view-command is not
>     perfect.  Using TeX-run-command in the above function is not
>     correct.  But Tex-run-silent or TeX-run-background do not work
>     either (they do launch xdvi).

In X Control-c (i.e. C-c) kills the current process/application. I 
noticed that in the previous point you seem to indicate Control-Shift-c 
(i.e. C-C). Did you mean the same thing here, like C-C C-c or C-C C-C?


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