[OS X TeX] XEmacs and teTeX: problem with PATH and XEmacs packages

Julia Brueck jule.brueck at web.de
Sun May 23 14:04:56 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I use an iBook with OS X TeX 10.3.3. I have a running teTex installation 
(installed with i-installer as far as I remember it) and a running XEmacs 
21.4(9) that I installed AFTER teTex using fink. I use the XEmacs from the 
X11 command line though I am not an Unix-expert and am just getting used 
to it.

Question 1:
There are packages for the XEmacs for LaTeX-syntax-highlighting, I heared. 
How can I install them? There seems to be a problem with XEmacs not 
finding the teTex (it is installed in \usr\local\teTeX).

Question 2:
I did not manage to permanently change the PATH variable to include 
/sw/bin so that I can start XEmacs without first typing export  PATH=...
I changed the .profile in my /Users/*me* and I changed profile in /etc. 
Still whenever I restart the bash, the computer cannot find the XEmacs in 
\sw\bin. (Sorry, I know this is a more UNIX-related question)

As I said, I am not an UNIX-expert, so please excuse if any information I 
gave was obsolute or if I forgot important information.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Julia Brueck
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