Please no: [OS X TeX] set environment variables forapplications

Kino quinon at
Tue May 25 11:00:18 EDT 2004

On May 25, 2004, at 23:39, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 25 mai 04, à 16:16, Kino a écrit :
>> $PATH set in the environment.plist is not effective for commands 
>> executed in Terminal if I'm not mistaken.
> Isn't it contradictory? Or, regarding shell commands, are you thinking 
> of xterm in, not Terminal?


> Or executing these shell commands from another application, not from 
> Terminal?

Yes. In ProjectBuilder/Xcode, you can execute a shell command in the 
Edit window by the shortcut ctr-R and run a shell script on the 
entire/selected text in the edit window. The same features will be 
available to any standard Cocoa app like TextEdit and SubEthaEdit if 
you have installed TextExtras.

I find it very useful especially because it is painful -- sometimes 
impossible -- to edit a command containing Japanese characters in 
Terminal. Both bash and tcsh do not display them properly if the 
command is longer than a single line.


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