[OS X TeX] XY plots (probably OT)

Adam Maxwell amaxwell at wsu.edu
Tue May 25 12:59:56 EDT 2004

On 25 May, 2004, at 11:26, Thomas Schröder wrote:

> - handling of big data files (10-12 columns, >10000 lines)
> - support for 4 Y axes
> - good output quality
> - direct output of EPS and/or PDF
> - decent support for user defined diagram types
> - some basic math support (greek symbols, fractions, subscripts and 
> superscripts)
> - support for Lucida Bright and maybe Latin Modern fonts

Igor Pro from <http://www.wavemetrics.com/> does all of this, although 
I use Create/Equation Service to put equations on plots.

I'm using the Latin Modern fonts with it, and saving graphics as EPS; 
these can be distilled with Preview or PStill, or ghostscript if you 
install the LM fonts for it.

There is a definite learning curve, but you can write ``procedures'' 
for it to automate data processing and plotting; use the menus to see 
what it does on the command line, then incorporate those into a 
compiled procedure.  There is a good mailing list, and the Wavemetrics 
programmers respond personally to support requests.


(no affiliation with Wavemetrics, other than as a satisfied user)

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