[OS X TeX] XY plots (probably OT)

mark smith mark at bbprojects.net
Tue May 25 13:17:09 EDT 2004

amaxwell at wsu.edu wrote:

>Igor Pro from <http://www.wavemetrics.com/> does all of this, although 
>I use Create/Equation Service to put equations on plots.
>There is a definite learning curve,

True, but if you've mastered TeX/LaTeX, Igor Procedures shouldn't be a problem at all.

>but you can write ``procedures'' for it to automate data processing
>and plotting; use the menus to see what it does on the command line,
>then incorporate those into a compiled procedure.  There is a good
>mailing list, and the Wavemetrics programmers respond personally to
>support requests.

All very true. I loved IgorPro when I had a license. Highly recommended.

If its too big and/or too expensive for the job, ProFit comes close in a lot of respects and the current v.6 beta produces "nicer" (Quartz) output than Igor. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure whether it meets the OPs requirement for no. of lines, but I think it does:


If you can off-load your analysis/fitting to a separate program, then you can produce VERY nice plots from your output data with Chartsmith:




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