[OS X TeX] Re: XY plots (probably OT)

Dr.John R.Vokey vokey at uleth.ca
Tue May 25 21:37:06 EDT 2004

"Thomas Schröder" <hydrochlorix at gmx.net>,

I have found no general solution, especially for the multiple y-axes 
option.  I, too, have resorted to a spreadsheet (but NOT Excel; as you 
noted it messes up everything on a simple resize, etc.: typical 
Mico$loth crapola), any spreadsheet that uses vector graphics (e.g., 
even something as simple as AppleWorks).  Then just plot everything 
normally, but handle multiple y-axes using transparent overlays (i.e., 
select the background and turn it transparent).  Then select the whole 
set, copy and paste into any vector-graphics app (the draw module in 
AppleWorks will do), and select and edit any of the labels et al. that 
need editing, including resizing. ``Group all'' and save.  Print to 
pdf.  Open the pdf in TeXShop of Preview, select just the area of the 
graph (to kill all the white space), cut, paste new, and save.
John R. Vokey, PhD
B.E.R.G. - Behaviour and Evolution Research Group
Micro-Cognition Laboratory
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4

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