Please no: [OS X TeX] set environment variables forapplications

Kino quinon at
Wed May 26 03:53:00 EDT 2004

On May 26, 2004, at 05:29, Gerben Wierda wrote:

>> Even if it were possible to set it per application, I would prefer 
>> setting $PATH for them generally. Otherwise, it would be difficult to 
>> keep the consistency.
> Yes. But suppose you add /sw/bin to the start of your PATH and as a 
> result a different version of a command is used and your application 
> which uses a subprocess that now suddenly fails. And how do you know 
> why?

I know. Why not? It's me who configured my environment.plist. And it is 
just because I want to avoid such an unexpected result that I have set 
$PATH in an appropriate order and done testings.

> It is not only PATH. If someone sets TEXMFMAIN because some app wants 
> that and suddenly TeX starts behaving different (failing) during 
> configuration. People then write me.

Is it a real example? Of course, you can ask your users not to set or 
change such and such variables globally.


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