[OS X TeX] Awkward interaction between TeXShop and CVS

Fernando Pereira fcnpereira at mac.com
Wed May 26 18:12:24 EDT 2004

I do my collaborative writing with the help of a shared CVS repository. 
Unfortunately, this confuses TeXShop. If I save a changed file foo from 
TeXShop, and then do the usual update-commit steps to save the changes 
to the repository, the next time I go to the still open foo window, 
make changes, and try to save them locally, TeXShop complains that it 
cannot find the file for the window. The reason for this is probably 
that TeXShop kept track of the file for the window through its inode, 
while the result of update-commit is actually a new file (different 
inode). This problem does not occur when editing with Emacs or BBEdit 
and using their built-in CVS commands. Is there some way that TexShop 
could work more harmoniously with CVS? What I have to do now is to 
remember to close open windows for files being committed, which is a 
pain for multi-file documents.

-- F

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