[OS X TeX] Awkward interaction between TeXShop and CVS

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Thu May 27 08:48:23 EDT 2004

On 27 mei 2004, at 14:35, Adam Maxwell wrote:

> On 26 May, 2004, at 17:12, Fernando Pereira wrote:
>> I do my collaborative writing with the help of a shared CVS 
>> repository. Unfortunately, this confuses TeXShop. If I save a changed 
>> file foo from TeXShop, and then do the usual update-commit steps to 
>> save the changes to the repository, the next time I go to the still 
>> open foo window, make changes, and try to save them locally, TeXShop 
>> complains that it cannot find the file for the window.
> You shouldn't try to update an open file; Xcode won't allow you to do 
> this, if you use its built-in CVS mechanism.  A `cvs update` will 
> modify the file, and I think that if you were to modify/save your file 
> with TextEdit while it's open in TeXShop, you would have similar 
> problems.

BBEdit and Xcode are aware of the cvs operation, at least when you 
initiate the operation from within the app. Adding this functionality 
to TeXShop may be asking for too much, but adding awareness of cvs to 
TeXShop -- possibly with the aid of AppleScript -- might be a nice 
trick. (Something like make a list of all text-documents that are 
currently open, close them all, update and commit, open the original 
files again. I think that the Macros can be abused to add this to 

>> What I have to do now is to remember to close open windows for files 
>> being committed, which is a pain for multi-file documents.
> You don't have to close the window if it is just being committed, but 
> you do if it's being updated.

Wrong, at least when you have $Id$ strings (version identification 
strings) in your file: a commit will then also change the (possibly 
open) file. Something like (with the rcsinfo package): \rcsInfo $Id: 
crds.tex,v 1.51 2004/05/24 21:48:26 msneep Exp $. The date & time and 
the version will be updated on commit.


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