[OS X TeX] Problem with Figure Numbering and Glossaries

Lisa Schweitzer lschwei at ucla.edu
Fri May 28 12:25:36 EDT 2004

Hello everybody!

I am still (!!!) trying to clean up my dissertation in the last seconds
before filing it and I've noticed that TexShop is doing something weird. In
figure captions, it numbers the figure properly (Figure 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) but
in the reference in the text, the reference includes the separate numbering
for each section (so instead of the nice Figure 1.3, I get Figure 1.7.1.
Ick. I just want the figures numbered consecutively throughout the chapter.

Also, have any of you produced documents with both Glossaries and Indexes?
What do you use to make glossaries? I am a little intimidated by compiling
GlossTex in the time I have left. Does it work well with TexShop? Any tips
on successful compiling on in OSX?

(yes, in case you are wondering, I am trying to do all manner of cosmetic
things to the dissertation so's that people don't notice it's frightful wont
of *content*). 

Many thanks to any suggestions,


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