[OS X TeX] mac emacs, xdvi, and auto dating of xdvi

Peter Cholak Peter.Cholak.1 at nd.edu
Sun May 30 22:59:03 EDT 2004

I made a small change in


to allow xdvi to auto update after each latex job even if xdvi is in 
the background.  This can easily to changed to do the same if using 
plain tex.  This does require one to add the proctools to the system 
hence it is not the default in the above file.    Look at the file for 

I must admit I am looking forward to the next release of tetex and 
hopefully the tex with the i-Installer, as the xdvi shipped with the 
beta has some very nice features in terms of auto update.  One does not 
have add any addition packages to the system.


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