[OS X TeX] Mathematics in e-mail

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 21 09:11:43 EST 2004

On 21 nov 2004, at 15:02, Mark Smith wrote:

> I see you are using Apple Mail. This does some tricks that take 
> advantage of the capabilities of the Message Views, but AFAIK it 
> properly adds alll such "apparent pastes" as MIME parts to the 
> message. A PDF is pretty safe/robust as a MIME part.
> The only issue I have heard of is that some other mailers can truncate 
> the display of messages after the first such "pasted attachment" 
> occurs. Can't remember which clients were involved.

KMail on Linux comes to mind, and then there are the pure text mailers 
(like pine, mutt, emacs) that will probably barf on such mails. I'll 
reiterate: email is meant for text. The fact that other stuff seems to 
work, doesn't mean it will work everywhere (it probably doesn't). And 
since you have no idea at all which client is used by the receiver - 
well, most of the time - you have to assume that plain text is all that 
will get through. I've posted this one before: 
http://www.birdhouse.org/etc/evilmail.html Not on attachments per-se, 
but it does sum up the rules.

> The best solutions are probably: "normal" use of attachments (if you 
> want to paste or drag them in, do it after the end of the message), 
> post a link to a web page, or use something like iStorm.

Agreed - if you want to be sure the other end reads something in the 
_form_ you intended, use pdf all the way. If you just want to be heard: 
use plain text (and make sure it doesn't look like SPAM).


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