[OS X TeX] Textencoding MacOS Roman vs UTF-8

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Mon Nov 22 07:02:27 EST 2004

Will Robertson <will at guerilla.net.au> writes:

> I've used unicode since I learned (learnt?) how to set it as the
> default in TeXShop's preferences and learned (learnt?) how to get TeX
> to understand it. Rather than being more compatible now (latin1 is
> probably more compatible with the vast majority of computers in use
> today), it most definitely will be compatible in the future. The
> applemac (in TeX parlance) encoding shouldn't even be considered,
> really.
> And besides, with unicode files the transition between TeX and XeTeX
> becomes even easier.

How do you manage with the utf-8 option in inputenc? Does it work
reliably? I am asking because we have already recommended latin1 for
Macintosh in l2tabu. At the same time we marked utf-8 as still
somewhat experimental. Is this still correct on the Macintosh?

Thanks in advance.

This is the source:

\paragraph{Input Encoding}

For telling \LaTeX\ about the input encoding employed in a file do
\emph{not} use the packages \Paket{isolatin1}, \Paket{isolatin}, or
\Paket{umlaut}! Those packages are either obsolete, or they are not
available on every system.

It is correct to use \Paket{inputenc}. There are four options available:
\item[latin1/latin9] for Unix-like systems (latin1 also works on MS
  Windows and Mac OS\,X)
\item[ansinew] for MS Windows
\item[applemac] for the Macintosh\footnote{latin1 encoding is
    recommended for OS\,X users, too, as it is better fit for
    exchanging files cross-platform than applemac. If you do so you
    should, however, check the encoding settings of your editor first.
    In the long run you might like to switch to unicode, but please
    note that unicode support in \Paket{inputenc} still is a work in
    progress at this point of time.}
\item[cp850] for OS/2

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