[OS X TeX] TrueType-fonts in LaTeX...?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Nov 23 05:22:24 EST 2004

Am 22.11.2004 um 23:03 schrieb Thøger Juul Thorsen:

> I've read that it should be possible to use truetype-fonts in 
> latex/dvips and pdflatex without having to convert them into other 
> formats. Is this true, and desirable?

I'm working on how to integrate the Apple fonts into usual TeX. They 
have to be converted into PostScript.

A good step forward is to install applesystemfonts with Fink. This 
package creates real TTF files, i.e. files where the ressource fork 
containing the data is made accessible to UNIX tools by making it plain 

Next comes the actual conversion. ttf2pt1 is your first choice because 
meanwhile it can access *all* glyphs in Unicode encoded fonts, i.e. you 
get the Greek letters for OT1, eng/Eng for T1 and probably too all the 
little (text) accents for TS1 (this will be proven, or not, this 
weekend). ttf2afm is useful too because it delivers lists of the 
Macintosh Roman (Platform ID 1, Encoding ID 0) and the Microsoft 
Unicode (Platform ID 3, Encoding ID 1) encodings of the font, i.e. its 
actual contents. Using the latter you can either teach ttf2pt1 to 
extract the 'planes' needed (x03 for Greek, x01 for eng/Eng, a lot more 
for TS1 and math) or just choose what you really need.

Final step is Fontinst! Combining many subsets to one complete set. 
Weeks or months later all is done. I hope to have finished at Christmas 
... (of course it works just to create T1 encoded fonts with three 
glyphs missing

I am working recently on Lucida that comes with Java (Lucida Bright, 
Lucida Sans, and Lucida Sans Typewriter). The fonts look promising 
because they contain a lot of mathematical symbols too! Although their 
use might be prohibited by a very restrictive license ...

In a few weeks I might have a shell script that would allow 
installation. Right now I'm still playing with fontinst not making tfm 
and vf files yet, just looking for 'missing glyphs' in the log file.

http://mheath.customer.netspace.net.au/ttf2pt1/ -- ttf2pt1-3.4.4

Has to be compiled by hand, i.e. via editing the Makefile. You do need 
freetype 2! Autotrace and pstoedit might not be so needful, at least 
autotrace has evolved since Sergey Babkin last thought it would be 
necessary (in bitmap.c line #80 'atsp = at_splines_new(&atb, atoptsp);' 
might be extended to 'atsp = at_splines_new(&atb, atoptsp, NULL, 
NULL);' if it won't compile).
ttf2afm is in teTeX, at least in one of the i-Packages. Eddie Kohler's 
LCDF typetools are a bit useful too. The programme t1testpage creates a 
PostScript file that shows all glyphs of the recently to PS converter 
TT font. You'll see rounding and tracing errors from the conversion.

Any testers out there who fear the threat of Christmas and would prefer 
to have some *real* work around?



"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by" 
(Douglas Adams)

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