[OS X TeX] Screen fonts in X11 using i-Installer tetex

Frederick Hoyt fmhoyt at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Nov 23 20:22:31 EST 2004


I am using Gerben Wierda's tetex installation with X11 by way of the 
Fink system-tetex placeholder. I notice that when I generate documents 
this way, the quality of the screen fonts in gv is substantially worse 
than what I see if I use the Fink tetex installation.

Can anyone suggest why this might be, and what I might do about it?

Disk space is not an issue, so I could have both the Fink and 
i-Installer tetex installations, but it does offend my Yankee 
sensibilities to have two installations when one will do.

Alternatively, is it possible to knit the Fink and i-Installer tetex 
installations together through artful use of symlinks?


Fred Hoyt


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Frederick M. Hoyt
Linguistics Department
University of Texas at Austin

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