[OS X TeX] Who should use (La)TeX - who is able to use it?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Nov 24 11:14:22 EST 2004

Le 24 nov. 04, à 16:34, Luis Sequeira a écrit :

> If you have to convert a lot of image files to eps or to pdf, you can 
> do it very quickly with Graphic Converter. It has a "Convert and 
> Modify" command that can do this in a batch. And it opens over a 
> hundred and fifty different graphics formats, so I bet whatever format 
> Superpaint used it will work (I vaguely remember trying Superpaint 
> quite a few years ago - a sort of a cross between MacPaint and MacDraw 
> :-))
> Graphic Converter is shareware and you may even have it in your mac 
> (it was bundled with new macs for a while, I don't know if it still 
> is); you can look for it in www.versiontracker.com

I had a quick look, using old copies of SuperPaint 1.0 and 2.0 (I just 
remembered about their existence!), and the GraphicConverter 4.5 that 
came with my Mac :

- SuperPaint 1.0 used a custom format (creator SPNT, type SPTG), which 
neither GraphicConverter nor Preview can handle. I also checked with 
Claris Draw, it doesn't know about these files either.

- SuperPaint 2.0 used the standard PICT format (creator SPNT, type 
PICT), which both Preview and GraphicConverter can handle, and which 
both Adobe Illustrator and Denaba Canvas (to name but a few) can import 
and edit.

So if you've got SuperPaint 2, you can import older SuperPaint 1 files, 
save them in PICT format, and then rework and/or convert them using 
practically any Mac drawing application around. SuperPaint 2.0 (from 
1989) seems to work well on OS X in Classic (at least it doesn't 
crashes Classic), SuperPaint 1.0 (from 1986!) doesn't (it crashes 

Regarding all the formats that GraphicConverter knows about, there's a 
listing at <http://www.lemkesoft.com/en/gcabout_formats.htm>.


Bruno Voisin

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