[OS X TeX] Referring to arbitrary labels? Solution!

Mohinish Shukla shukla at sissa.it
Wed Nov 24 11:21:45 EST 2004

Hi all,
	here is a (working!) solution to the problem of having a counter for
just certain sections, spread across multiple chapters and having their
own (linear) numbering.

	- I have Experiments, numbered 1,2,3 etc. Experiments are at the level
'Section'.  However, not all sections are Experiments, and the set of
Experiments can span multiple chapters.
	- Each section that is an Experiment has a title, something like
"7.2  Experiment 3: Segmenting fluent speech"
	- The problem is referring to an Experiment like this: "... as we saw
in Experiment 3, it is not easy segmenting fluent speech." or
optionally, "... as we saw in Experiment 3 on page 35, it is not easy
segmenting fluent speech.", or also (for completeness), ".. as we saw  
in Experiment 3, Section 7.2..".

 >>Packages required:
	- varioref.sty (not Absolutely Necessary for the logic of the solution)

 >>In the preamble:
	\newcommand{\eref}[1]{Experiment \ref{#1}}
	\newcommand{\erefp}[1]{Experiment \ref{#1}\protect{\vpageref{#1}}}
	\setcounter{expt}{1} % Counter for experiments

 >>At each section that is a chapter:
	\section{Experiment \arabic{expt}: Segmenting fluent  

- Thus, in my example, \label{expt:xxx} refers to the section  
containing the EXPerimenT, while \label{exptn:xxx} refers to the  
EXPerimenT Number.

 >>Referring to the chapter elsewhere:
	As we saw in \eref{expt:fluent} that fluent speech can be segmented .  
. .
	As we saw in \erefp{expt:fluent} that fluent speech can be segmented .  
. .
	As we saw in \eref{expt:fluent}, Section \ref{expt:fluent} that fluent  
speech can be segmented . . .

	You can also refer to the entire name of the experiment, for e.g.
	"Experiment 3: Segmenting fluent speech",
	BUT: you need to use titleref (titleref.sty) and not nameref, since  
nameref seems to screw up the \pageref

Ok.. maybe not the bestest of code, and a little hacky, but the results  
are most satisfying :)

Thanks again to all the previous tips!!!


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