[OS X TeX] Praise for TeXniscope

Steffen Wolfrum macosx-tex at st.estfiles.de
Thu Nov 25 10:40:31 EST 2004

Well, yes it looks good. And I was always missing "Go To Page..."  (Cmd-G) in TeXShop : great feature!
But the different magnifiers that TeXShop offers are just way too useful (for small portables) than to switch to TeXniscope.

But if TeXniscope also would integrate these features ...

- click : fast magnifier covering a small area
- doubleclick : magnifier covering a bigger area
- tripleclick : magnifier covering the whole screen

- click + command : magnifer zooming in
- click + shift : magnifier zooming out

... then you were right: Then it would be "the best previewer on OSX!".


P.S. And adding a simple "Search" (Cmd-f) for phrases - like Acrobat or Preview - without need for pdfsync would be ... over the top.

Joachim Kock <jkock at start.no> wrote:

> Bravo, Massimiliano,
> thanks a lot for your good work.
> Despite its young age, TeXniscope is already the best previewer on OSX!
> (in the opinion of Yours Sincerely, anyway).
> This statement may surprise fans of TeXShop and iTeXMac, but these two
> great programmes were never dedicated previewers, focusing instead on
> editing and texing --- it is only natural that they now lack behind when it
> comes to previewing.
> In case you've missed it, here are the very precious new features in
> TeXniscope 0.3:
> * You can define your own keyborad shortcuts for navigating the preview.
> E.g. space for scrollPageDown, w for zoomToWidth, etc.  (Note the
> importance of having unmodified keys --- if you are reading a paper
> on-screen it is very important that you can navigate with one hand, so that
> your other hand is free to hold a beer or a cup of coffee --- seriously.)
> * There are AppleScript commands for setting the magnification (including
> zoomToFit and zoomToWidth).  This is really convenient for controlling the
> viewer from your editor.
> Another very dear feature is the "Go To Page..."  (Cmd-G) letting you
> navigate the document with the keyboard.  (In TeXShop and iTeXMac you can
> only page-navigate using the toolbar, and in particular you are forced to
> have the toolbar turned on.  This is waste of screen, especially on a
> portable computer.  Another reason why in TeXShop and iTeXMac you do need
> the toolbar is that it is the only means of knowing which page you are
> viewing.  In TeXniscope there are convenient small indicators (page number
> and magnification) at the bottom left of the window (a la OzTeX), and you
> can abolish the toolbar altogether (not unlike the -spartan option in
> xdvi).
> Finally, TeXniscope is very good at synchronising --- it seems to be the
> only previewer around that understands both pdfsync and dvi src specials.
> Cheers,
> Joachim.
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