[OS X TeX] Working with a root file in BBEdit

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Nov 26 18:49:41 EST 2004

Below is an Applescript that can be copied to the beginning of any of 
my  Applescripts that are supposed to run on a .tex file. The script 
will search the first three lines of the front document for the 
presence of

%Source Doc%relativePathofrootFile  (ending in .tex), e.g.,

%Source Doc%../master.tex

and will open the root file, if one is specified, and run the rest of 
the script on the root file. If no root file is specified, then the 
main part of the script runs on the current document.


tell application "BBEdit"
	get file of window 1
	set filepath to result
	set fileName to POSIX path of filepath as string
	set scriptPath to (do shell script "dirname " & 
	set scriptPath to scriptPath & "/setnamebbedit.scpt"
	set scriptName to POSIX file scriptPath as alias
	set scriptLiB to (load script scriptName)
	tell scriptLiB
		set {baseName, texName, pdfName, namePath, dirName, dirNameunquoted, 
logName, logPath, rtfName} to setnamebbedit(fileName)
	end tell
	set foundboolean to "false"
		find "%Source Doc%(.+\\.tex)" searching in lines 1 thru 3 of text 1 
of text window 1 options {search mode:grep, starting at top:true, wrap 
around:false, backwards:false, case sensitive:false, match words:false, 
extend selection:false} with selecting match
		set {foundboolean, foundText} to {found of result as string, found 
text of result}
	end try
end tell
if foundboolean is equal to "true" then
	set n to (number of characters of contents of foundText)
	set i to 2 as number
	repeat while i < (n + 1)
		if character i of foundText is equal to "%" then
			set k to i
			exit repeat
			set i to (i + 1)
		end if
	end repeat
	set texFile to (characters (k + 1) thru n of foundText as string)
	set dirName2 to do shell script "dirname " & texFile
	set texName to do shell script "basename " & texFile
	set shellScript to do shell script "/usr/bin/bbedit " & dirName & "/" 
& dirName2 & "/" & texName
	do shell script shellScript
end if

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