[OS X TeX] tabular newbie question

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre at univ-rennes1.fr
Sun Nov 28 13:34:24 EST 2004

Google Kreme wrote:
>I was trying to create a nice table of the Half Life 2 cheat codes
>(the actaul document will be much longer, but I've reduced it here to
>the minimum that doesn't work:
>TeX Shop gives me:
>! Missing $ inserted.
><inserted text>
>                 $
>l.9   Set Gravity & sv_
>                        gravity  \\
>! Extra }, or forgotten $.
><template> \unskip \hfil }
>                           \hskip \tabcolsep \hskip 
>-.5\arrayrulewidth \vrule...
>l.10  S
>        hows FPS Rate & cl_showfps 1 \\

The error you see has nothing to do with the tabular environment.
The character _ is special in TeX, it is used for subscript, and
only in math mode. So whenever TeX sees it in non-math mode, it
assumes a $ has been forgotten.

You can tell TeX to treat a special character as normal by using
the command \string. The character immediately following \string
will be considered normal.

For instance, typing
should get you rid of the error you had.

Hope that helps.
Samuel Lelievre
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