[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 0.99

Adam R.Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Fri Apr 1 00:48:29 EST 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that version 0.99  
is available at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  We're fairly  
excited about this release, as BibDesk finally supports BibTeX  
macros, and has a host of other new features since our last beta  

We have found that new features bring new bugs, so please be sure to  
file a report at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423> with detailed steps to reproduce the  
problem.  We'd like to release 1.0 soon, and need to squash as many  
bugs as possible before localizing the program.  Please include notes  
if you submit an online crash report, as that helps us focus on  
problem areas in the code.

Complete release notes (including those from the alpha release)  
follow.  We're still working on the online help for macros, so feel  
free to post questions about BibDesk's new features (or old features,  
or desired features) on bibdesk-users at lists.sourceforge.net.

Macro usage notes:
-  All fields are displayed in the preview and editor as expanded  
values (if the string is defined).
-  Use cmd-R in the editor to edit the "raw" BibTeX directly; this is  
what the value will look like when saved to disk.
-  If you delete the outer braces in the raw editor, they will not  
appear when saved.  For example, to enter an abbreviated month,  
select the "Month" field, hit cmd-R (or use the menu item), delete  
the braces that appear, and enter the abbreviated month.  The  
expanded value will also be shown.
-  To edit @string definitions, use the "Window->Macros" menu item  
(cmd-shift-m); there is a separate macro editor for each document,  
and you can drag existing @string definitions directly into the macro  
editor table.

Parser notes:
-  The "Unicode" parser has been removed, as we believe that  
libbtparse is now able to read arbitrary encodings.  If you  
experience a problem, please let us know immediately.

Changes since 0.99.a1 (see changes since 0.98.1 if you didn't use  

New Features
   •  Option added to save author names as normalized (off by  
default); see "Defaults" pref pane.  This converts names to "von  
Last, Jr., First" format.
   •  Option added to generate all-lowercase Local-Urls
   •  Optional parameters for separators and etal in format for  
author names (see online help for details)
   •  Added an option to display Abstract in preview pane
   •  We now (partially) support dragging Amazon pubs from Reference  
   •  Scale factor of the typeset previews is remembered in preferences
   •  We can now deTeXify arbitrary Unicode characters (at least as  
many as we can TeXify)
   •  Documents accept dragging/pasting RIS directly, as well as  
BibTeX; we sniff the pasteboard to see what the data type is
   •  Can hold down option key when dragging BibTeX into an editor  
window to overwrite all fields (not just empty ones); also fixes bug  
   •  Character conversion errors now occur at a more easily- 
identifiable level, and you no longer have a prompt to send a notice  
to the bibdesk-develop list
   •  We now use a combo box for command history in the "Open Using  
Filter" panel, so the last seven commands are saved
   •  Added a menu item to the "Help" menu to show this file, in case  
anyone actually reads my deathless prose
   •  Macro definitions can now be dragged into the Macros editor  
table, and dragged between tables
   •  TeXification of fields is now an option in preferences
   •  The encoding of the TeX preview file is now an option in  
   •  Action menu moved into the toolbar, and the status text moved  
to the bottom of the window
   •  Allow bibtype dependent HTML templates for the items. It looks  
for files such as htmlItemExportTemplate-article and  
htmlItemExportTemplate-book in ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk  
so you can use a different template for each type.
   •  Some TeX font style commands are now parsed for display in the  
preview window below the pub table

   •  Fixed display of "2nd Author" and other columns
   •  The parser is no longer left in an inconsistent state after  
pasting/opening non-BibTeX data (fixes bug #1056263)
   •  Fix bug #1159901 by collapsing whitespace before setting pub  
authors (names aren't split properly if they contain excess whitespace)
   •  Fixed crashing bugs in btparse due to buffer overflow (in  
PCCTS); this could occur if you opened a long entry without closing  
   •  Normalized names are again used for comparing authors, so the  
person view (list of an author's pubs) is now correct
   •  Publication list now sorts authors based on "Lastname  
Firstname" excluding the von part
   •  Selection in the pub list is maintained after clearing a search
   •  Added "Note" to required fields for unpublished type (bug  
   •  Cleaned up "General" prefs
   •  Fixed autocompletion of authors to be less annoying
   •  Text displayed in the autocompletion pref pane tables is no  
longer clipped (not that anyone else noticed)
   •  Added error handling to LaTeX previewing; errors will be logged  
to the console
   •  Revised path validation for pdflatex/bibtex in Preview pref  
pane, noted that PDFLaTeX rather than PDFTeX is required for previewing
   •  Hopefully fixed crashing bugs in UI updates (when searching?)
   •  Recognized "and" as a separator for keyword strings when  
reading a file, since ScienceDirect RIS uses it; autocomplete still  
requires ",:;" as a separator
   •  Author comma warnings are now displayed with some context, so  
you can fix them (bug #951913)
   •  Don't change menu item title for error panel (bug #1045902)
   •  Catch exceptions raised when autofiling papers; may prevent  
some crashes in BibEditor
   •  Removed leading underscores in private ivars and functions to  
comply with Apple's guidelines
   •  Added error checking for invalid characters in BibTeX files  
back in, which was mistakenly removed in 0.99a1
   •  Abstract and Annote fields now get checked for invalid  
characters and deTeXified when opening a file
   •  Macro editing should work on 10.2.x systems
   •  You can edit macros while the BibEditor is in the foreground
   •  Macros are validated upon entry
   •  Multiple accents generated by previous betas will be converted  
when opening them, and TeXification brace handling was improved
   •  Table fonts are updated after adding a new column
   •  Fixed bug #1172744, table and previews don't update when a  
macro value is changed
   •  Fixed a bug that caused AutoFile to file papers too early if  
you used the keyword specifier in the format string
   •  Fixed bug #1173765, invalid fields could be added to default  
field list

Changes since 0.98.1

New Features
   •  Macro support!
   •  Progress indicator for AutoFile
   •  It is now possible to set the font family for display in the  
formatted preview of the main pub list
   •  You can print the formatted preview of the main pub list; if  
you set the prefs to display "Everything", you'll get a separate page  
for each selected entry.  Printing the LaTeX preview is still  
allowed; just select its window before hitting cmd-P.
   •  Option added for all-lowercase citekeys
   •  Option added to set the maximum number of displayed items in  
the preview
   •  Alternate string encodings are now allowed when using libbtparse

   •  Cleaned up the formatted preview display in the main  
publications list; braces are no longer displayed, whitespace is  
collapsed, and Local-Urls are no longer displayed as file URLs.  It  
should also be faster to display.
   •  Fixed some undo-related bugs
   •  Symlinks and aliases in file URLs are no longer resolved
   •  Fix bug #1150230, letters instead of number is %n format.
   •  Braces are now ignored in searches
   •  Quicksearch should now be quicker, especially with large files
   •  BibEditor windows remember their size and position
   •  ShiftJIS string encoding added
   •  Sheets are now used instead of modal panels in printing and  
open dialogs
   •  Selection is now maintained when adding pubs

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