htlatex? (was: Re: [OS X TeX] htlatex, latin modern, etc.)

Aaron Jackson jackson at
Sun Apr 3 22:44:13 EDT 2005

On Apr 3, 2005, at 9:45 PM, Gerard Walschap wrote:

> Well, it seems that Rene and Joe were at least able to use htlatex at 
> some point. I, for one, have never been able to do so, and posted a 
> message on the list to this effect several months ago. Gerben referred 
> my question to Eitan, who told me he wasn't familiar enough with Mac 
> OS to troubleshoot what was wrong. I just let it go at the time, but 
> since there's a new thread regarding htlatex, let me describe what 
> happens on my setup, in the hope somebody on the list can help:
> So I start typing "htlatex filename" in the terminal (I guess that's 
> what one is supposed to do?). Everything goes well, and I get a number 
> of filename extensions (.4ct, .4tc, .aux, .dvi, .log, .tmp, .xref) in 
> my home directory. These appear at the base level of my home 
> directory, however, not in the original one 
> (Documents/TeXShopfiles/filename), and when text4ht.c kicks in, it 
> says it can't find/open the .dvi file. Could those of you who use 
> htlatex please tell me how you go about it? Many thanks,

I never had any problems with tex4ht and never had to do anything 
special to get it to work.  However, there are some package 
combinations that don't work.  I just ran an old document through using 
``ht latex filename'' and it worked fine (using an updated TL2005 
install from a few days ago).  The processing sequence is:

latex filename
latex filename
latex filename
tex4ht filename
t4ht filename

Which command bombs out?


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