[OS X TeX] New to Emacs, where to begin?

Martin Steer m.steer at coombs.anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 6 21:09:45 EDT 2005

Mika Luoma-aho <mika.luoma-aho at pp.inet.fi> writes:

> downloaded the new GUI-Emacs and trying it out. Still unconvinced, but
> heard so many good things about it so might give it a go as
> LaTeX-editor. I love using TextMate at home on a Mac, but Emacs would
> also run at work. But where should I begin? Is there something to read
> (apart from TFM), a FAQ perhaps that would teach me the basics of
> doing LaTeX with Emacs?

Sorry, I'll try that again.

Best to just start. "C-h ?" (press control and h together, then ?) and
"C-g" are your friends. C-h ? gives you a help menu and C-g cancels an
action (such as a partly-entered key sequence). C-g is always worth a
try if you want to get out of something, or stop something happening.

You're probably using auctex mode for latexing. A recent auctex has
quite good menus, from which you can do most of the basic things, and
learn the keystrokes. You can access auctex info from there too. This
is a bit out of date, I think, but okay for the basics. Auctex has a
reference card, which you may or may not have. I posted a copy on this
list some time ago.

Any file with the .tex suffix should automatically open in latex mode.
If your setup is right, things should just work from there. "C-c C-c"
launches a latex process.

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