[OS X TeX] preamble vs. macro (problem with xy and ps4pdf)

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Apr 7 00:58:41 EDT 2005

I need to standardize the preambles to numerous files I'm working on, 
so it seemed to make sense to me to put all of my packages, 
environments, and commands in a single file and use that as a package, 
mypackages.sty. This works with the exception of a command using both 
ps4pdf and xy. Basically, to simplify a bit to get at the problem, what 
I want to do is to put the following command in my file of commands and 

\def\mydiagram#1{\PSforPDF{\xymatrix@!=0mm at R-=10mm at C-=6mm@*[c]{#1}}}

The problem seems to be with the xymatrix options. That is,


works just fine in mypackages.sty, but if I try to add the xymatrix 

@!=0mm at R-=10mm at C-=6mm@*[c]

which is the whole reason I'm defining \mydiagram, then I get an 
"unknown control sequence" error.

I've spent a few hours, I'm embarrassed to admit, reading and rereading 
my LaTeX and TeX books, and trying quite blindly various combinations 
of \expand this, \noexpand that, expandafter the other, etc., with a 
\edef here, and a \gdef there, but with no success. I've also looked at 
the xymatrix documentation, but could not find a better way to set the 
options. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much,



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