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Thomas Schröder hydrochlorix at gmx.net
Thu Apr 7 13:01:46 EDT 2005

Am 07.04.2005 um 18:27 schrieb scheissenochmal2003 at yahoo.de:

>> There's a gotcha to this trick, though: it only works with the Mac or 
>> Unicode keyboard layouts, so, you'll lose some degree of 
>> compatibility when exchanging files with people who do not use a Mac 
>> or Unicode. But then,  you could always replace all "-"'s by "–"'s 
>> :-)
> I suggest replacing all "-"s by ""="s directly in case a compatibility 
> issue in file exchange appears...

That's even better, of course.

>> And finally you'd have to load the Mac keyboard layout by typing
>> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
>> in the preamble.
> Another downside of this is that it does not work with XeTeX; 
> processing
> a document using your method with XeLaTeX results in an actual en dash 
> ("--" or "\textendash").

Good point, still a bummer, though :-(
Hm, maybe one could try to use some trick from xunicode.sty, maybe by 
redefining the following line:


Sorry, except for a few fancy demos I've not used XeTeX for much, but 
have been meaning to. If there's interest I might try and do some 
hacking, but I make no promises that I'd get it to work :-)

> As for readibility, I think your suggestion does a good job although 
> it would enerve me to have all the (typographically incorrect) en 
> dashes in sight all the time.

Ah, well, I bought the complete Lucida font set, when Y&Y were still 
around, so I have Lucida Sans Typewriter which is a great font for 
writing in a text editor and it just so happens that in that font the 
hyphen character and en dash are basically the same so it's really not 
enervating at all to me :-)

I made a quick test: Monaco and ProFont are kind of OK, ProFont being 
better IMO. But I still prefer Lucida Sans Typewriter :-)

Anyways, I think that having a slightly weird hyphen character in the 
source is preferable to having to look at "= in every other word. But 
that's just me :-)

Bye, Thomas

PS: Deine eMail Addresse ist ein bißchen seltsam :-)
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