[OS X TeX] Beginner: bibliography strategy?

Rick and Karla Gross gross at pldtdsl.net
Sat Apr 9 04:43:20 EDT 2005

Download the fantastic and very stable open source application called 
BibDesk.   Use it to enter and store your Medline bibtex entries. 
Bibdesk is a bibliographic database with a great OS X Aqua GUI that 
to me feels and looks like Endnote (its a heck of a lot more stable 
than the latest versions of Endnote though).


 From there,  if you are using Texshop as your front end you can drag 
and drop references from Bibdesk into your Texshop document text 
editor.  Although I can not speak for other OS X Tex applications I 
can say that TexShop and Bibdesk make for a great and very easy to 
use combo for generating scientific articles with customized 
references and graphics.

Lastly, make sure to install the natbib package as it will allow for 
complete customization of bibliographic styles in your Tex document.

Hope this helps.


>Hi, all,
>I'm a total beginner in TeX, though I'm able to rudimentary text editing
>and getting output to dvi. Good, I'm proud of myself. I'm also new to
>Macs, even though I've done Windows programming since MS Windows V 1.04,
>so I do recognize a computer when I see one.
>But I need to work with bibliographies. I like the way EndNote (running
>the demo) lets me access MedLine directly, then saves the retrieved
>abstracts and data to its own database. Now I'd like to go from there to
>TeX, somehow.
>My question is not necessarily a step-by-step tutorial (some things one
>has to do for one self...), but the general strategies. That is, assume
>a Max, with OS X. What bibliography software would you use (free or
>commercial)? How do I easily get references from there to TeX? (The
>editor I'm using is BBEdit, by the way).
>-- Dr. J. Martin Wehlou MD, CISSP
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