[OS X TeX] Re: Flashmode for Emacs : Whizzytex + Enrico Franconi's Carbon Enhanced Emacs + TeXniscope

Joachim Kock jkock at ya.com
Sat Apr 9 04:51:10 EDT 2005

Hello Philipp,

I take your mail as an opportunity to brag about my own flash script for
AlphaX (my preferred editor), first described on this mailing list on
January 9th.  I am a great admirer of emacs, the king of editors, but I am
sort of surprised to hear how complicated it is to get that flash thing up
and running.  The Alpha script is just a prototype, but serves to
demonstrate that flashing doesn't have to be neither a complicated setup
nor something that requires a G5 computer.

The script is short, easy to install, and very fast.  Here are the
instructions for using it with Alpha and xdvi:

  # ------------
  # Download from http://www.mat.uab.es/~kock/alpha-tcl/flash.tcl.gz
  # Place the tcl file /anyhwere/you/want and write 
  #     source /anywhere/you/want/flash.tcl
  # in your prefs.tcl file.
  # Make sure Xwindows is running.  Open a tex document in Alpha and 
  # press F2.  Then start typing.  To stop the flash mechanism, press 
  # shift-F2.
  # To use partial flash mode (typesetting only current paragraph),
  # write 
  #    set TeX::flash::partialFlash 1
  # in your prefs.tcl file, or in Alpha's Tcl shell (Cmd-Y).
  # -----
  # On an iBook 500 MHz G3 (!), a 2-page document is typeset about 90 
  # times per minute.  In partial mode, about the same frequence for 
  # *any* size of document.

In the script itself there are further comments, explaining design and

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