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On 10. Apr 2005, at 1:09, lichtner wrote:

> \parbox worked! Except for one little problem: I wanted the first line 
> in the footer to be left justified and the second line (the date) 
> right justified. I tried using \hfill on the second line but it didn't 
> take effect. I am trying to mimic a msword.doc format for a conference 
> proceedings, but maybe I am close enough.
> ...Peter
>>> I should be more precise: is there a way to put a box around a 
>>> multiple
>>> line footer---it works fine with a single line using \fbox{}, but I
>>> can't get the box to work with 2 lines.
>>> ...Peter
>> Howdy,
>> The problem is that boxes can only have a single line (or a box that 
>> acts
>> like a single line) inside them. The way you would have to do this is 
>> to use
>> a \parbox inside the \fbox. Unfortunately, you have to set the width 
>> of a
>> \parbox unless you write a macro that checks the width of the 
>> individual
>> lines and makes it the width of the longest line.
>> Any other (undoubtedly better!) answers? Could \vbox be used?



\fbox{\parbox{\linewidth}{multiline\\\phantom{.}\hfill framebox}}

The \phantom{.} creates an invisible character with the width of a ".", 
and it seems that this is necessary in order to put something at the 
beginning of the new line (more or less, I guess; there are certainly 
people on this list who know a lot more about the technical 

It seems that \vbox creates a \parbox with width=\linewidth, so
\fbox{\vbox{multiline\\\phantom{.}\hfill framebox}}
should work just as well.



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