[OS X TeX] [Newbie] Postscript header path for dvips?

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Mon Apr 11 18:40:25 EDT 2005

At 11:18 PM +0200 4/11/05, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>Le 11 avr. 05, à 18:58, Jonas Wellendorf a écrit :
>>To use tree-dvips I have to
>>³place tree-dvips.pro in the postscript header path for dvips.²
>>I located the file
>>But how do I place tree-dvips.pro in there?
>Inside ~/Library/texmf/dvips/ should be enough 
>(create this directory in case it doesn't exist).

Yes, this seems to work.  My previous message 
about hard coding the path seems to have arisen 
out of a copy of tree-dvips that had an explicit 
path included.  This is true of many of the 
versions available on individual linguists' web 
pages.  So depending on where you got the 
package, you might need to check the actual 
tree-dvips.sty file itself.

>But in any case, it's likely that the tree-dvips 
>package (including the prolog tree-dvips.pro) 
>won't work easily: it seems to be quite old 
>(1994) and is classified on CTAN as a LaTeX 2.09 
>hence prone to errors with the now standard 
>LaTeX 2e.

Actually it does work perfectly.  I use it all 
the time.  BUT, the version on ctan is an older 
version than the one that I use, so I would 
recommend the newer version. (v. 0.91, 1995) For 
some reason I can't find a good link to it on the 
web, however, so here is a version on my web 



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