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Thomas Schröder hydrochlorix at gmx.net
Tue Apr 19 09:11:11 EDT 2005

Am 17.04.2005 um 14:27 schrieb Simon Spiegel:

> "citefull=first" results in the display of the complete filmography 
> entry, including director and country which I both don't want. After 
> more digging and tweaking of jurabib.bst I managed that \citetitleonly 
> gives me "Full title (year)". This is already quite nice, 
> unfortunately I still don't know how I can force it to only display 
> the short title and no year for every additional quoatation.
> By default \citetitleonly gives the short title (it only gives me the 
> full title now because I tweaked jurabib.bst). So I though I could use 
> "citefull=first" and I tried to tweak it so that it does display what 
> I want at the first time. But I failed. As I said, I'm not a 
> programmer, so when I tweak the .bst file I only have a very limited 
> understanding of what I'm doing. ;) I think "citefull=first" just 
> automatically takes the complete bibliography entry and puts it in the 
> text, so I can't alter this from the .bst file.
> So, I'm still searching…

I've been doing a little hacking of jurabib today, but it's very hard 
to make sense of it. I kind of get what you want in several places but 
not everything at the same time. I guess your safest bet would be to 
succumb to doing it by hand i.e. cite the title only and then use 
\nextciteshort to tell jurabib that you only want the short title for 
further citations. This solution isn't as automatic as you'd like it 
because you have to know when you cite a film for the first time in 
your document but it's still better than having to do everything by 

I've prepared 2 example files, a .tex and a .bib file:





\item[First citation:] \citefield{title}{Kubrick.S:1964}


\item[Second citation:] \cite{Kubrick.S:1964}





And the the bib file:

	Address = {GB},
	Author = {Kubrick, Stanley},
	Sortkey = {dr_strangelove_or},
	Title = {Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 
the Bomb},
	Annote = {(Dr. Seltsam oder Wie ich lernte, die Bombe zu lieben)},
	juraauthor = {Dr. Strangelove},
	Year = {1964}}

Also, the German title is set apart in the references. Not quite what 
you had in mind but better than nothing, eh?

Maybe you should get back to the author of jurabib. If he doesn't want 
to put in your requests he might at least be able to tell you _where_ 
to hack in jurabib, so you don't get a full citation but only the 
title. I figure the citation is put together from the various variables 
like author, title, title-addon, address and year and there should be 
some way to patch that so that only the title will be put in. But as I 
said, I couldn't make too much sense of it all :-(

Best wishes, Thomas

     Ciao, Thomas

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