[OS X TeX] Make Command with more then one parapmeter?

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 25 04:01:47 EDT 2005

On 25 apr 2005, at 9:23, Ueliisa wrote:

> I will expand a newcommand to use more then one parameter
> 	\newcommand {\hlink}[1]{\href{http://#1}{http://#1}}

This is correct.

> 	\newcommand {\mg} [1 2] {#1 
> \glossary{name={#1},description={#2},sort=#3} }}
> This definittion does not throw an error -- so I think it is ok?

No, it isn't.

\newcommand{\msg}[4][default]{definition using #1, #2, #3 and #4, with 
the default for #1 set to `default'}

in other words:
     The first optional parameter to \newcommand is the number of 
parameters (9 is the maximum)
     The second optional parameter sets the default value for parameter 
number 1. If there is no
	default value, just leave the second optional parameter out.

     \msg{blah}{example}{end of nonsensical garbage}
or (if the default first parameter has to be changed):
     \msg[special]{blah}{example}{end of nonsensical garbage}

> But how I can set the next parameters
> 	\hlink{www.myURL.com}

try teh url package: it defines a \url command, which does what you 
want, and takes care of proper line breaking.

> 	\mg{MyGlos}{Dies is the description}{Sort by this}  %<<== ???

Yes, with the correct definition:

(Note that I suppressed spurious spaces with comment marks)


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